A Tale of Two Kingdoms

In Which the Party has Shenanigans

We open the chest at the top of the pyramid. We get weapon.

Ragnar-spiked gauntlet
Arauth-repeating crossbow (with 3 magazines)
Lyn-spiked shield (for shield bashing, does 1d6)
Cyan-everlasting chalk, magic flint
Krile-Defensive Spear(Add enhancement bonus to all defences when using second wind/total defence)

We walk outside and talk to Granam.
We leave and go to Blackmire to find the one eyed man and get our stuff back.
Talk to Barnum, get tokens.
Talk to Nick in the bar, get the room key.
Arauth doesn’t get a room for himself, so he goes off to find a tarp to sleep under. He sleeps on the roof of the stable.
Krile mentions maybe putting in in her and Cyan’s room if he couldn’t get into the Lyndarius/Ragnar room, Cyan shoots her down.
Arauth is seen in the morning, the rest are woken up by people who saw Arauth.
Arauth jumps in a window and searches a room for suspicious things.
Ragnar and Lyndarius walk out their room and meet Arauth.
Everyone goes and eats breakfast.
We go to the sheriff’s office, people outside are asking questions about the mysterious man on the room.
Ragnar knocks on the desk, Barnum goes to get the transcripts. Barnum signs that Ragnar is crazy.
We wait then get report: People are dissappearing in slums, Barnum is a prick to the lower classes.
Sentimental keepsakes are being stolen. Krile makes a copy of the map.
We walk to the slums. Krile sees a dog and tries to approach and pet it. It’s rabid. Arauth and Lyndarius kill it.
Ragnar throws the dog behind him after picking it up. Krile calls Ragnar out and he shrugs and asks for the map.
We go to the nearest house and talk to an old woman. She has a bed roll and some of her Granddaughter’s things. Cyan marks the tent. We move on to the enchanter, Sandro’s tent.
Ragnar talks to Sandro. He’s a little on the backside of the law. He said where the one-eyed man is and circled a cave on the map. Arauth tried to get something enchanted, but didn’t. Sandro stole some of Ragnar’s gold.
We are going to the cave. We fight Coyotes on the way. (Lyn: I love cocks, but I love my brother more!) (Arauth’s old crossbow breaks and he can now use it as a hammer.
We skinned 3 of the Coyotes (1 was vaporized by Cyan) and Krile cooked the meat. We have 30 pounds of extra coyote jerky meat.

In which the crew tries and fails to catch the one eyed man, deciding instead to stick their heads in sand and die

9/2/12 adventure log

At the tavern our party checked the table for evidence of the one-eyed man. Finding little evidence, they decide to search the local magic shops and jewelers for any sort of magic based gems.
Finding a magic shop called Magical curios and curiosities, they found inside a sweet old lady. Though she had not heard of any magic eyes recently, but recalled an artifact called the eye of vechna. This artifact, placed in the eye socket of the user, allows them to gain some of the god vechna’s power. We also learned the enchantments on the gems were likely done at home, and that several settlements outside of town had talented enough magicians able to do

Deciding this was a dead end, we went to the jeweler Laura’s. Though the manager said they had information, they would not give it to us without some sort of identification. After we got deputized at the deputies station, we recieved a leather wallet containing some papers and the seal of the constable. We then returned to Laura’s and found out that several colors (red, green and black) of gems had been bought by a man fitting our description.

Finding no more information, we continued our search by going to the northern slum and trying to find underworld contacts to put us in contact with the one-eyed man. Hearing about a local crime lord called Chantar, we scour the town to try and find him. However, we find he lives in several places in town, and gave up on him.

lin decides to go to the silver gear to fill in the employee that all his money is stolen by one eyed man. They tell him they understand, and will keep the bow while he gets the money

krille and Ragnar to find the archaeologist, we find him (Granam) At the Prancing Pony.

He wants to prepare for a day. We went to the seargent and told him we have engagements we must honor and we will hopefully return soon.

We set off with the archaeologist, He tells a story about the temple of the mind.
Lin tells him of our adventures at the temple of the mind. He is impressed.

We arrive at the ruins. They are clearly unearthed. We hear about the pyramid is hard to get into, so we decide to look there after Granam tells us about digs.

We approach the pyramid, there are 4 entrances on the cardinal directions. the north door is similar to the temple of the mind. Cyan’s gem reacts with the door and with the bracelet it slides open

We enter, and we see the base of the pyramid. there are stairs, it is illuminated by small windows

We head up the stairs and come upon a chest in and important pyramidal room. We decide to let Granam inspect the chest after we set up a perimeter. We pussyfoot around the chest until ragnar just opens it. It can’t be opened. We decide to go down. We find a trapezoidal room in the basement.

As Ragnar touched the door, the room began filling up with sand. Not finding anything better to do, we decided to dig ourselves upside down and hope the room would rotate. It didn’t

We came to in the same position we started in. After many more options. Lin finally slashed the panel where the hourglass was changing and the sand stopped.As the doors opened, we went into the next room

We fought three skeletons, beat them and continued.

There we found a triangular room with a long central corridor and several islands along the sides. As we walk forward, time moves relative so that if we pass any of the islands, we are shot by a dart. Moving backwards, our party tries to find a way in which we sacrifice one person for each island so we can get cyan through. After numerous deaths, we finally look up and see large blocks suspended above each one. Each taking a turn to shoot a ranged attack, we calmly walk forward as each attack lands and drops the block in front of each dispenser.

Lin posthumously sucks cocks

In Which the Party Delivers and Loses

In the morning, the party members grab and re-distribute packages to the nobles: Baron Khirov, Lord Nisbin, and Count Borlund. The Count is very amiable, invites them to join him for lunch. Borlund says he has an archaeologist friend who had recently unearthed a temple or some sort in an ancient city a few days from Blackmire, and gives the party directions to his shop.

After some small talk, Ragnar asks Granam, the archaeologist, about ruins nearby, and if he can help them see any of them. Granam agrees to take them around, after coordinating the dig with other archaeological groups, like the R.A.S., and giving them some training. Since the ruins are near Blackmire, they agree to meet there in 4 days.

The next day they start off to Blackmire. They pass a Wishing Fountain on the side of the road. Upon arriving, they notice Blackmire is a very similar to Pineglen, but more stone than brick.

The party asks for directions to the Silver Gear in a tavern. This one is much more of a display store than the Blackmire location. The keeper recognises Lyn’s name, asks for his payment and claim check. Lyn doesn’t have the payment, so he is told to hang on to the claim check until he can pay up. The party does hand over the payment from the Blackmire nobles’ items, though.

To try and make money, they spend hours trapping and returning a cat to a townswoman, earning a pittance. They go to find an inn for dinner and rooms and end up at the Prancing Pony. They talk to the bartender, and interesting characters like Tyndon von Enstrin, but no luck finding any ways to make more money. Lyn and Ragnar get into a conversation with a One-Eyed Man with a gem in the socket, culminating in Ragnar guffawing, “That’s what your mom said!” Predictably, a battle with the One-Eyed Man begins. He pulled out some crazy magics like eye lasers, gem that snuffed all lights in the inn and caused supernatural darkness, completely vanished from detection, and the darkness effect also caused everyone in the inn to black out.

Ragnar wakes first, then wakes up Lyn. Lyn is so furious that no one, including the bartender, came to help that he coup de grace’s the bartender. He loots the bartender only to realize when he tries to put a ring in his money pouch that it’s gone – everyone’s gold in the inn has been stolen. Krile, Cyan, and Callix stay in a room in the inn while Lyn and Ragnar go sleep in the house of the cat lady from earlier in case the One-Eyed Man returns.

Ragnar and Lyn wake up to smell of bacon cooking in the home, but leave without eating. Krile asks Cyan to go see what people are saying downstairs in the inn, since she was involved and doesn’t know how people feel about the incident. The officials had pieced together just about everything from collected statements. They were pretty sure Ragnar and Lyn weren’t picking a fight, but since everyone was unconscious when they left, no one had a clue what had happened to them. Cyan tells Krile it’s safe, and she gives a patrolman a few more details about the event.

Meanwhile, Lyn and Ragnar are making their way back to the inn. The constable, Barnum, is glad to see them alive and well, takes their statements and fills them in on the rest. The One-Eyed Man had been making trouble ever since he came to town a couple days ago. Law enforcement is putting together a group of able-bodied men to hunt him down, and he invites the party to join them when they set off in a couple of days, if they’re interested. In the meantime, the town is using its emergency funds to provide food and support to those left destitute by this attack, so victims are encouraged to stay in/near the inn. The party is impatient to get their coins and their revenge, and make plans to set out against the One-Eyed Man as soon as possible, even before the townsmen are ready.

In Which the Party Becomes a Delivery Crew

Party starts off back in Gantrick after a night of drinking at the tavern to celebrate the Temple of the Mind being over. Mordan had given everyone 30 gp.

Cyan, Krile, and Lyn found a theatre showing Peter Pan. One of the wires holding “Peter” up snaps, sending him crashing into one of the oil lamps lighting the stage – his clothes catch, as does half the stage and curtain. Cyan, Krile, and Lyn put out the blaze and rescue the boy. The town holds a celebration for them (hosted by the theatre’s owner) to celebrate their saving of the boy and keeping the fire from destroying more property.

At the celebration, a cloaked man approaches Lyn at the refreshment table and passes on a message: “The seal has been broken. The crystals are beginning to awaken. You must seek out the ruins and find them before they do…” When Lyn asked, “who are they?” the man backed away into the trees surrounding the celebration and disappeared into the shadows. Lyn passed this information on to Krile, who told Cyan. Krile asked the townspeople at the celebration and was told there wouldn’t be many “ruins” in the New Kingdom – it’d have to be close to or across The Wall of the Old Kingdom.

The next day, Lyn found a tinkerer/mechanist named Cid and asked if he could improve his hand crossbow. Cid said he could, but it would take him a couple of days. Since Lyn couldn’t even pay a fourth of the cost, an arrangement was reached where the party would take a few packages south to Pineglen, which would be faster and cheaper for Cid than sending a courier from his hometown of Nindon. When the crossbow was finished, Cid would send it to the next town over, Blackmire. In both towns they were to go to Silver Gear distribution centres. Cid gave Lyn a claim check for his item, which he would give with the remainder of payment in Blackmire. Krile also bought a net from a fisherman.

The party sets out across The Wall. Both sides’ guards, once hearing that they were working as couriers for Cid, let the party through much quicker, even neglecting a search of their persons.

They reach Pineglen at sunset and obtain 2 rooms in a very nice jazz lounge/inn for two days. They hurry over to the Silver Gear in town to try and drop off the packages before they close. They reach the store just in time – if they were customers, they would have been turned away. The manager takes them in, logs the packages, noting that they did a much better job caring for the packages than the regulars. He asks if Cid gave them any instructions for returning payment – seems he forgot. Normally the couriers collect their pay, stay in town enjoying themselves while the nobles come in at their leisure and pay for their ordered goods, or staying longer if the items are not a special order, then ride back to Nindon with the payment. Since the party doesn’t have time to kill, Lyn offers to deliver the packages to the nobles and collect their money. Once the items have all reached their owners, the party will take the payment to the courier in Blackmire, since he’ll be returning to Nindon anyway.


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