A Tale of Two Kingdoms

In which the crew tries and fails to catch the one eyed man, deciding instead to stick their heads in sand and die


9/2/12 adventure log

At the tavern our party checked the table for evidence of the one-eyed man. Finding little evidence, they decide to search the local magic shops and jewelers for any sort of magic based gems.
Finding a magic shop called Magical curios and curiosities, they found inside a sweet old lady. Though she had not heard of any magic eyes recently, but recalled an artifact called the eye of vechna. This artifact, placed in the eye socket of the user, allows them to gain some of the god vechna’s power. We also learned the enchantments on the gems were likely done at home, and that several settlements outside of town had talented enough magicians able to do

Deciding this was a dead end, we went to the jeweler Laura’s. Though the manager said they had information, they would not give it to us without some sort of identification. After we got deputized at the deputies station, we recieved a leather wallet containing some papers and the seal of the constable. We then returned to Laura’s and found out that several colors (red, green and black) of gems had been bought by a man fitting our description.

Finding no more information, we continued our search by going to the northern slum and trying to find underworld contacts to put us in contact with the one-eyed man. Hearing about a local crime lord called Chantar, we scour the town to try and find him. However, we find he lives in several places in town, and gave up on him.

lin decides to go to the silver gear to fill in the employee that all his money is stolen by one eyed man. They tell him they understand, and will keep the bow while he gets the money

krille and Ragnar to find the archaeologist, we find him (Granam) At the Prancing Pony.

He wants to prepare for a day. We went to the seargent and told him we have engagements we must honor and we will hopefully return soon.

We set off with the archaeologist, He tells a story about the temple of the mind.
Lin tells him of our adventures at the temple of the mind. He is impressed.

We arrive at the ruins. They are clearly unearthed. We hear about the pyramid is hard to get into, so we decide to look there after Granam tells us about digs.

We approach the pyramid, there are 4 entrances on the cardinal directions. the north door is similar to the temple of the mind. Cyan’s gem reacts with the door and with the bracelet it slides open

We enter, and we see the base of the pyramid. there are stairs, it is illuminated by small windows

We head up the stairs and come upon a chest in and important pyramidal room. We decide to let Granam inspect the chest after we set up a perimeter. We pussyfoot around the chest until ragnar just opens it. It can’t be opened. We decide to go down. We find a trapezoidal room in the basement.

As Ragnar touched the door, the room began filling up with sand. Not finding anything better to do, we decided to dig ourselves upside down and hope the room would rotate. It didn’t

We came to in the same position we started in. After many more options. Lin finally slashed the panel where the hourglass was changing and the sand stopped.As the doors opened, we went into the next room

We fought three skeletons, beat them and continued.

There we found a triangular room with a long central corridor and several islands along the sides. As we walk forward, time moves relative so that if we pass any of the islands, we are shot by a dart. Moving backwards, our party tries to find a way in which we sacrifice one person for each island so we can get cyan through. After numerous deaths, we finally look up and see large blocks suspended above each one. Each taking a turn to shoot a ranged attack, we calmly walk forward as each attack lands and drops the block in front of each dispenser.

Lin posthumously sucks cocks



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