A Tale of Two Kingdoms

In Which the Party has Shenanigans

We open the chest at the top of the pyramid. We get weapon.

Ragnar-spiked gauntlet
Arauth-repeating crossbow (with 3 magazines)
Lyn-spiked shield (for shield bashing, does 1d6)
Cyan-everlasting chalk, magic flint
Krile-Defensive Spear(Add enhancement bonus to all defences when using second wind/total defence)

We walk outside and talk to Granam.
We leave and go to Blackmire to find the one eyed man and get our stuff back.
Talk to Barnum, get tokens.
Talk to Nick in the bar, get the room key.
Arauth doesn’t get a room for himself, so he goes off to find a tarp to sleep under. He sleeps on the roof of the stable.
Krile mentions maybe putting in in her and Cyan’s room if he couldn’t get into the Lyndarius/Ragnar room, Cyan shoots her down.
Arauth is seen in the morning, the rest are woken up by people who saw Arauth.
Arauth jumps in a window and searches a room for suspicious things.
Ragnar and Lyndarius walk out their room and meet Arauth.
Everyone goes and eats breakfast.
We go to the sheriff’s office, people outside are asking questions about the mysterious man on the room.
Ragnar knocks on the desk, Barnum goes to get the transcripts. Barnum signs that Ragnar is crazy.
We wait then get report: People are dissappearing in slums, Barnum is a prick to the lower classes.
Sentimental keepsakes are being stolen. Krile makes a copy of the map.
We walk to the slums. Krile sees a dog and tries to approach and pet it. It’s rabid. Arauth and Lyndarius kill it.
Ragnar throws the dog behind him after picking it up. Krile calls Ragnar out and he shrugs and asks for the map.
We go to the nearest house and talk to an old woman. She has a bed roll and some of her Granddaughter’s things. Cyan marks the tent. We move on to the enchanter, Sandro’s tent.
Ragnar talks to Sandro. He’s a little on the backside of the law. He said where the one-eyed man is and circled a cave on the map. Arauth tried to get something enchanted, but didn’t. Sandro stole some of Ragnar’s gold.
We are going to the cave. We fight Coyotes on the way. (Lyn: I love cocks, but I love my brother more!) (Arauth’s old crossbow breaks and he can now use it as a hammer.
We skinned 3 of the Coyotes (1 was vaporized by Cyan) and Krile cooked the meat. We have 30 pounds of extra coyote jerky meat.



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